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Can you Catch the Mystery in Brown Mountain?

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Beyond the beauty and fun that awaits you on your adventure, Brown Mountain has some mysteries waiting to be solved. The location attracts thousands of tourists and scientists annually, seeking answers to an unexplained phenomenon.

Brown Mountain is Unique in Many Ways

What makes this mountain so unique, and why are scientists fixated on finding answers? Some individuals have sighted some unexplained lights on the mountain in the past. This is not some weird cooked story. Some of these unexplained sightings have actually been caught on camera.

Odd Orb Lights

On moonless evenings, people have reported seeing these “odd light orbs” around the adjacent mountain known as Brown Mountain. This mystery mountain also has a reputation for being haunted.

For those who have seen it, they claim the light appears for some minutes with no explanation as to where they come from. There are a few explanations, however, but none of them are good enough for scientists.

Long History

Locals say the lights date back to the year 1200. According to local Cherokee folklore, a significant battle was waged near Brown Mountain between the Cherokee and Catawba Indians about 1200 A.D., and the unexplained lights are the Indian maidens still seeking their fallen warriors. Interesting, isn’t it?

Perhaps a Natural Phenomenon

In 1771, a German scientist proposed that the lights were caused by igniting nitrous gases, but this theory was immediately refuted. In 1913, a geologist concluded that the lights were from trains in the area. However, when the tracks were washed away three years later, and residents continued to see the lights, this idea was discredited.

Manmade Coincidence

In 1922, the government sponsored a U.S. Geological Survey team to research the area. The team found that the lights were distant electric lights and not spooky ghosts.

Unidentified Flying Objects

Many other ideas have been made about the lights including ridiculous takes that claim the lights are UFOs. However, none seems to explain the phenomenon.

See the Brown Mountain and Decide For Yourself

So, who knows, maybe during your adventure, you get a glimpse of these mysterious lights and have a chance to tell the world what you think they are.

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